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Aug 22, 2013 4:00pm EDT
frequency trading and all of the advanced technology. the nasdaq and all of the other exchanges three weeks ago pushed back on that. they said they like the idea of the rules. but they complain that many of the rules are too vague and they complained about the cost. particularly the reporting that's involved. all of the notification they have to give to sec. sros the letters said, that many of the economic and cost assumption by commission will generate greatly by analysis. they run the risk of reallocating resources and the sci and comply ins entities, including the nasdaq and again the nasdaq, nyse, bats and all of these other exchanges, saying, wit a mint, let's pull back a little bit. meantime, we've had this debacle happen today and these rules with public comments now closed. it is still in the rule making process. perhaps could be next year before there's any other update. >> all right, scott. we want to -- we want to slip in another earnings report. aeropostle out. >> reporting an eps loss of 34 cents. analysts expected a loss of 24 cents. on revenue of $450 million. they did tell u
Aug 23, 2013 4:00pm EDT
back into the cyclicals, so we're overweight the technology space, overweight financials. so i think the market is setting itself up for a good finish to the year. i still have some more dry powder, but i definitely want to be involved with this market. i think all of the naysayers all year long, i think, have -- are still waiting for that great entry point as we hit new record highs. >> josh, picking up anything on the floor about what traders will be looking forward to next week in order to figure out where we go from here? >> actually, kelly, you have a pretty relatively busy week in terms of economic fronts. you have durable goods. you have home prices. you have consumer confidence. you also have a lot more fed speak. william, lagarde, bullard, and i think traders are probably expecting kind of it to be relatively quiet here, depending on rates. remember, then again, that could change september, then we get the jobs report. of course, there's the fed taper or not tapering, and if they do, by how much. >> last question, ralph, you had said, okay, we get a 10% correction. it won't
Aug 28, 2013 4:00pm EDT
point. if they were to do this what they would be doing is bringing fresher technology at that price point. expanding into those android buyers who want the latest thing but don't want to fay premium price. those people could be drawn over. also going after emerging markets. >> i don't think it will have the latest technology. maybe beefier to make room for ois. i see it exactly as emerging markets. also ntt in japan, those are areas where the iphone 5c fits better. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks very much. >>> changes are afoot for the super mario brothers, nintendo is slashing the price of its wii console and adding a new lower price hand-held device to re-energize its place in video gaming. >>> when was the last time you played supermario. >> a long time. >> if your kids are playing video games get home to put it down and watch part three of our series called school days. changing face was college is coming up. we'll talk about the course you should be investing in to obtain a good job after graduation. stay tuned. [ indistinct shouti] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] ti
Aug 29, 2013 4:00pm EDT
think we figured this out now. we have gordon back. i apologize for the technology glitch there, gordon. >> glad to be back. >> the impact that regulations are having, we are still trying to get our arms around dodd-frank. they haven't completed it. they say they will by the end of the year. what is your assessment and the impact it'll have on your business? >> well, the dodd-frank and voccer won't have a significant impact other than trading businesses. we have one business that could be impacted depending on how the rules are written and how they are applied to foreign organizations. so it is not material. it's not overly significant. but it could potentially have an impact in terms of structure of some of our businesses. in terms of the implications of some of the dod -- that's mainly voccer. dodd-frank, impact on retail won't have much impact. financial holding companies rules will have a bit of impact but buecause we are overcapitalized, we hold our position. >> bet are than half is retail banking. td reported it is closing branches and it has been closing and merge be u.s. and can
Aug 27, 2013 4:00pm EDT
on these exchanges to improve technology, to improve technology testing, at a time when they're laying off people. i think that's going to cause a lot of pressure on them, and even more pressure towards consolidation. it's an ongoing story. more to say in the next couple days. back to you. >> clarify, bob, for those who don't know. arca, new york stock exchange's all electronics system. sip system, reporting system of the nasdaq, not communicating trades to price reporter and they're both saying it's your fault, no, it's your fault. that's what mary jo white at the sec has to solve and figure out. >> right. good way to put that. when the problem was the matching engines went down, a little piece went down at arca, electronics system here. tried to connect. when it conseconnect whenconsen up, after that, problems. the question, exactly who's at fault? >>> joining us, eric from russell investments. michael from yahoo! finance, and tim from a management group and rick santelli back as well. thanks for joining us. tim, i want to start with you, because if this sell-off has a lot to do with the situation
Aug 26, 2013 4:00pm EDT
of the session again. down 63 points on the dow. nasdaq which has been b you oyed by some of the high technology stocks dipping in the negative territory and the s&p down 6 points at 1656, mandy. >> let's talk more about the markets. joining us now is our guest panel. rick santelli who loves to jump in on every single topic. let's start with you. you're the lucky one next to me, right? >> yes. >> the private bank. >> yes. >> what are you saying to the private bank clients right now about the markets? >> well, actually, we still like equities. we still think that the market is fairly priced. it's not cheap like it was a number of months. valuations are reasonable. we think on a relative basis -- >> after the pullback over the course of august things have come back to what you think is a fair price? >> off 3%, 3.5% from the highs. even after june after the initial taper conversation, we were down about 9%. there's still actually relative to fixed income, relative to cash, closer to asset classes, we think a reasonable place to put money to work although volatility picks up in the fall with septemb
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6